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Swede Mikaela Laur¨Śn fights for the WPBF Women's World Title

By, September 23,2010. Photo: Anders Hanson


The Swedish professional boxer Mikaela Laur¨Śn will meet American Jill Emery in a WPBF world title fight in Karlstad, Sweden on September 24.



Laur¨Śn's opponent, Jill Emery who has won nine of her twelve previous professional matches is ranked number five in the world. Laur¨Śn who has won all her five professional fights is ranked as number five in Europe and ten internationally. Laur¨Śn and Emery will go six rounds in the Welterweight class.


"This is a dream come true," says Mikaela Laur¨Śn. "My goal since I started my boxing career has been to win a title, a World Championship title. I´m in great shape, better than ever before, but this is also the toughest fight ever," Laur¨Śn adds. The title fight is part of the event "Nights of the champions", and takes place on September 24 in Karlstad, Sweden. The boxing event is arranged by Pugnus Boxing and the promoter Anders Holmberg. 


Mikaela Laur¨Śns opponent Emery is a southpaw boxer, i.e. left handed, which makes it somewhat harder for Laur¨Śn who hasn't gone matches against lefties before. The training up until the time of the fight will most likely include sparring against southpaws. "To meet a southpaw in my first title fight was perhaps not my favorite wish, but I'll do my very best to be prepared on the day for the fight." I'm convinced that it will be enough. My plan is to return to Stockholm with that WPBF-belt," says Laur¨Śn.


On her way to the title fight, Mikaela Laur¨Śn beat the Bulgarian Borislava Goranova, ranked number nine in Europe, at the boxing event  "History" in Malmö Sweden on September 10. Laur¨Śn won the match 60 ¨C 54, a score given by all referees.  Laur¨Śn's coach Carlos Echegaray, said after the match, "Mikaela is in such great shape at the moment and didnĄŻt have to go all out against Goranova. She will give Emery a tough fight, no doubt about that".


Laur¨Śn competes for the stall New Sweden and fights in the Welter weight class. Laur¨Śn is coached by Carlos Echegaray, the head coach of club BK Dalen, Stockholm. Her record is 5-0 (1KO) and at the moment she is ranked number five in Europe and 10th in the world.