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Mikaela Lauren,New WPBF World Champion

Karlstad,Sweden. September 24,2010. Photo: Pugnus


The Pugnus Boxing Promotion staged "Night of the Champions" at the Sundsta Idrottshus, Karlstad, Sweden on September 24,2010. All fights were fought under the special rules that applies for professional boxing in Sweden, most sanctioning bodies have adjusted their regulations to accommodate this 12 total minutes of boxing (read either 4 x 3 minute rounds or 6 x 2 minute rounds). In the main event Swede Mikaela Lauren won WPBF Women's World Welterweight Title with six-two minute rounds with a unanimous decision over Jill Emery from USA on Friday night at the Nojesfabriken in Karlstad, Sweden. Scores were 59每56,59每56 and 58每56.












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