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Farenas Ko's Foe,New WPBF World Champion

By Gerry Penalosa,, October 04 2009



Michael Farenas has proven to everybody that he has got a heart of a champion and has beaten Korean Jae Bong Jang in a race to get the World Professional Boxing Federation Featherweight belt. The match was a classic because of the exchange of fist power between the two boxers. During the first few seconds of the second round, a mean punch from Farenas sent his Korean foe down the canvas but Jae Bong Jang was able get up ¡­ made a counterattack minutes later and gave Farenas a vicious blow which also sent him down the canvas.


What happened after the second round was a test of both fighters' strength and determination to win. Both are determined and both have amazing fist powers. The deciding round was on the tenth by a knock out and this time the Korean pugilist was hit by combination of punches. For always, it¡¯s the stronger boxer who emerged as the winner¡­the one with the most heart, the one who is more determined and the one with more firepower.


I would like to thank everyone who has done their share in making Michael¡¯s win possible. To the training pool that spent their time and effort in making sure Michael is fully equipped and fully charged for this championship fight. I want to thank all our well- wishers too, your prayers has won half of the battle for us. Lastly, I wish to thank God almighty for fulfilling all our prayers. Hearing Michael¡¯s name being announced as the champion was surely music to my ears.


To Michael¡­ job well done! This championship title is only the start. There will be lots of battle ahead and lots of opportunities to conquer more and more titles and it¡¯s possible because deep inside you have a heart of the champion. I and the rest of the training pool will be with you every step of the way to make you reach greater heights in the boxing arena. Just continue to be hungry¡­ hungry to learn new boxing techniques and hungry to conquer more boxing foes and more championship titles¡­ for your glory¡­for your country.


This is Gerry Penalosa, wishing everyone a good day¡­ Hanggang sa muli!