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Swedish Mikaela Laurén will defend her WPBF title on July 23

By WPBF-USBC, July 11,2011.


Mikaela Laurén is ready to defend her WPBF Women's World Welterweight Title on July 23. The fight will take place in Spain, in Chiva just outside of Valencia. It is the experienced British fighter Angel McKenzie who challenges Laurén for the WPBF title.




The fight takes place at a Spanish outdoor gala and is scheduled for 10 rounds. It is the second 10-round fight in Mikaela Laurén's career so far. McKenzie,a southpaw, has fought about 30 fights so far and is a tough fighter who has fought in several weight classes against international, world class opponents. Laurén is finishing up a tight training schedule, with focus on outdoor training, technique and sparring. She comes well prepared for McKenzie. It is the first time Mikaela Laurén fights at an outdoor gala. The fact that the fight is 10 rounds has also set the agenda for the training during the last period of time. Laurén has sparred against tough opponents, mostly men since female boxers in the Stockholm area is difficult to find.


"I said before that I'm in great shape, but this time it is really true. I've trained both my physique and boxing technique at a very high level. I don't really think I've ever been in better shape", says Laurén.


Mikaela Laurén won the WPBF title in a fight against American Jill Emery in September last year. The fight took place in Karlstad, Sweden. Emery was at the time ranked as number five in the world. The win brought Laurén up to number two on the welter weight world ranking. The rules states that the title belt must be defended within a year from winning it.


"I'm absolutely focused and the goal is to keep my belt", says Laurén. "I've met tough competition before which I've shown that I can handle", Laurén adds.


Mikaela Laurén competes for Team Laurén and is coached by Carlos Echegaray, head coach of Stockholm club BK Dalen."Mikaela always wants to train, which makes my job easier. She has improved her boxing technique considerable. She is a much better boxer compared to a year ago which is what she has to prove in Spain", says Carlos Echegaray.




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